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Cracking the Safe

Or, on the third turn, you either just get the combination, or have started a new try.

Clever Commuter

Either I grossly misunderstood this statement, or it was wrongly worded: "In this way, they were home ten minutes earlier than normal."

I interpreted this to mean earlier from the time they usually leave the train station (anytime after 6). Meaning what they saved is the time equivalent to the distance covered by Fred when he took off an hour earlier before meeting her wife in the car (equivalent to 10mins), which does not consider the travel time of the wife towards the station.

Left Hands Only

Yet, that there exists a person is not a necessity.

Happy Handshaking

Why can't Jack or her wife be any of the other persons who shook varying numbers of hands? Where in the question was that dictated?

The Stealing Mailman

How did Kevin open the lock in step 2?