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Non-Adaptive 12 Identical Balls

I think I've solved it down to a 50/50 shot. spoilernumber balls 1-12. weigh 1-4 vs 5-8. then, weigh 5-8 vs 9-12. final weighing is 3-5 vs 8-10. the first two weighings will tell you which group has the ball. if weigh 1 tilts and 2 doesn't, its 1-4. if weigh 2 tilts and 1 doesn't, its 9-12. if both tilt, its 5-8. the third weigh cuts each group in half so that if the scale tilts, you know that it is one of the two from the group already causing the scale to tilt. if it doesn't, then you know that it's one of the two that you left out from the group.