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Satya Singamsetti

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Happy Handshaking

Good question. The question should have mentioned that Jack shook hands with 4 people.. How many hands did Jack's wife shook hands with?

The Price Is Right

The solution is not convincing,, Clerk can carry change with him (his money) and return the customer that change and pocket the notes anyway. I think it is purely psychological pricing.

The Cabin

Ravi, Another suggestion, Since many people provide answers and hints in the comments (I know you can format it as spoiler but no one follows it ), The Comments can be hidden by default and the user can choose to view them

Non-Adaptive 12 Identical Balls

Thought provoking..

"None of the balls weighed twice are weighed with any of the other twice weighed balls". I think you meant to type this (corrected weighing) 1st weighing ABCDE v FGHIJ 2nd weighing GCJE v AIHK 3rd weighing BEI v GDL

But neither of these produce a solution.

(your weighing) If the result is LRS => Either A or D can heavy or J can be Light. So Cant say.

(Corrected weighing) If the result is LRS => Either A can heavy or J can be Light. So Cant say.

But I still like the idea. Good luck!!

The Bookworm

The Explanation is not right. What is the book is placed reversed in the shelf?