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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

its -: 15+5+1+1

All the King's Wine

Hey guys there can be another solution for this riddle.Firstly suppose that each bottle is titled. Divide 1000 bottles in group of 100's than there are 10 1st group type and all these 1st groups are further divided into 10 2nd group types and further these are divided into 10 3rd group types. Now let each servant firstly sip 100 bottles from a particular 1st group type .Than they sip 10 bottles from remaining 9 (1st group type) and than they sip 1 bottel from remaining 9 (2nd group type). In this way every worker sip's 290 bottles. After 3 weeks there will be 2 servant dead so that we can easily take the intersection of bottle thay drank to get the answer.