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Good luck at an interview with Google

maybe for the golf balls, you can take it as "how many golf balls are able to fit inside a bus", since im pretty sure that if youll give me any golf ball, and any bus, i would be able to fit the golf ball inside the bus, the answer is that all of the golf balls in the world can fit inside a bus

The Sinking Island

these are the correct times:

2 min. - Friend A & B cross (island --> mainland)
1 min. - Friend A crosses back (island <-- mainland)
5 min. - Friend A & C cross (island --> mainland)
1 min. - Friend A crosses back (island <-- mainland)
10 min. - Friend A & D cross (island --> mainland)

total: 19 mins C takes 5 mins to cross, not 2. D takes 10 mins to cross, not 2.


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