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Measuring Up

Here's a simpler way (and doesn't waste as much water): Fill up the 3 litre container till it is full. Pour it into the 5 litre container. Then start filling both containers at the same time until the 5 litre is full. Pour enough from the 5 litre into the 3 litre to make the 3 litre container full (1 litre). You are then left with 4 litres inside the 5 litre container. :D

Parodoxical Statements from Life

The last question will always be "Yes". :D

Good luck at an interview with Google

Have you guys noticed that "golf balls" have the same number of letters as "school bus"? Or that "windows" and "Seattle" have the same amount of numbers too? Also "piano tuners" have the same number of letters as "entire world"? It isn't possible to make "golf balls" out of "school bus", "windows" out of "Seattle", and "piano tuners" out of "entire world", so the answer to all of the questions would be "NONE". I think the "None" for the answer above is actually the answer and not because the person writing it doesn't know it.