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No if() Only abs()

Good point. Nod. But we have to exclude 0.

Whatever, the question should just emphasize on "pure arithmetic" or ask for an algebra expression.


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10 9 Sum of Two Prime Numbers
If p, q > 2 are consecutive in set of primes. Since p,q can only be odd number, (p+q) is an even number. Can (p+q)/2 be prime? from http://republicofmath.com/
4 6 Cut the pizza into 11 equal slices with a wrist watch
Tools: (1) A wrist watch and (2) a normal knife Goal: Slice a pizza into 11 equal pieces
37 28 No if() Only abs()
Given two variable a and b, construct a function f(a,b) which return the maximum one in {a,b}. You can only use +- · / and abs() (to take the absolute value). NO if() is allowed in your construction. ...
2 5 How far can you go?
You have a 4 wheels car and a spare tire in the trunk. The tire being used will be worn off for 1/4 part of it per mile (completely wear out for 4 miles) How to make use of the spare tire to go as fa ...