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The Cabin

There is a man lying face-down, dead, in the middle of a cabin. The cabin is in the middle of the woods. There are windows, but they do not open. What is going on?

it is an airplane cabin

There was a plane crash.



This would be a better puzzle if there were a system to moderate hints or for questions/answers. Without that, there is no logical way to solve this type of puzzle, due to the insufficient lack of knowledge.



That's a great point. We're always brainstorming new features so we'll definitely keep this in mind!


Satya Singamsetti

Ravi, Another suggestion, Since many people provide answers and hints in the comments (I know you can format it as spoiler but no one follows it ), The Comments can be hidden by default and the user can choose to view them


Nothing is going on. It means i'm dreaming!!!


If there were gas cylinders, it could have been the gas leak. He would have lost his breathe...

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about 5 years ago
Difficulty 5.4 ?

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