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Ball Drop

A man is floating in a hot air balloon off the coast of Ireland.

In one hand he has a bowling ball, and in the other a golf ball, and he drops them both over the side at the same time.

which one will hit the ground first?


The balloon is floating off the coast, he drops the balls into the sea, not onto the ground.



But bowling ball is sink and hit the ground first?



I agree. I'll assume the golf ball would encounter less drag, and would therefore hit the sea floor first.

Adam Larson

Well, if we want to get nerdy about it... It actually depends on the weight of the bowling ball. Bowling balls of less than about 12 lbs will float in seawater and those which are greater will sink. Regulation golf balls sink in seawater. If the bowling ball is less than 12 lbs, the golf ball will hit the 'ground' first... But wait!! A floating bowling ball might get transported to shore before the golf ball makes it to the sea floor! Too many variables :)

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