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Running Race

Phil and Sal race each other for 100 yards. Sal wins by 10 yards. They decide to race again, but this time, to even things up, Sal begins 10 yards behind the start line. Assuming that both run with the same constant speed as before, who wins?

Sal wins.

Sal wins again. In the first race she ran 100 yards in the time it took Phil to run 90. Therefore, in the second race, after Phil has gone 90 yards, Sal will have gone 100, so she will be alongside him. Both will have 10 more yards to go. Since Sal is the faster runner, she will finish before Phil.



nobody wins, its a tie


VĂ­ctor Ortiga

No, it's not a tie. They are tied at 90 yards but then, as Sal is faster than phil, he takes advance of Phil ending the race at 1 yard distance, Sal winning.

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