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Electrical Deaths

You and your friend are driving out in the pouring rain one night. It soon becomes much to hard too see, so you stop at closest house possible. When you knock on the door, an old lady welcomes you to stay for the night. You notice that the power is out. You go to sleep on the lady’s comfortable bed.

The rain wakes you up in the middle of the night, and you find yourself chained to the wall. The lady is sitting there, saying “choose wisely, or you will die…”

Do you choose… the red, green, or blue door? Now, do you choose the yellow, orange, or purple hall? Sadly, that doesn’t matter and you die. You have the choice of a death by electric eels or electric chair. Which do you choose?

Electric chair!

Remember when you walked in? The power was out, so the electric chair wouldn’t work! The old lady appreciates your intelligence, so you do not have to die!



this cant get any dumber than this...



I agree. There's quite a few loopholes in the solution, but it's a fun problem nonetheless.

Rohit Kumar Singh

what the hell did i just read ...



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