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Crazy Google Interview Question

You are shrunk to the height of a nickel and your mass is proportionally reduced so as to maintain your original density. You are then thrown into an empty glass blender. The blades will start moving in 60 seconds. What do you do?

no correct answer. list possible answers in the comments section.


Tyler Mentink

Lay down. I think that, with my blender at least I could lay down or stand with my back against the glass and be just fine.


Jay Elliott

Assuming it's a standard blender with two blades connected perpendicularly to the axis of rotation, I would just stand on the axis of rotation. I would rotate with the blades, but would probably live...

Mikit Kanakia

Since i have 60 seconds I will go and stand at the axis of rotation. So when the blender moves the blades will not kill me.


Jay Elliott

I've heard this solution before. This would assume you stay perfectly centered on the axis of rotation and can keep yourself in good balance.


Use my clothes (shoelaces also ect.) to create some kind of friction device around the rotating assembly. Hopefully it would be enough to break the motor.

Another note, with the reduced mass it may possible to just climb out of the glass, like an ant would.



Interesting approach! To be fair, if you were the size of a nickel, your shoe laces wouldn't be long enough to wrap around the rotating assembly (unless you had abnormally long shoe laces).

Shamim Sufiyan

Since i have retained my original density, my muscles will be just a strong. Like an insect. So, i try to jump out of the jar.


Climb like spiderman or better take a leap, jump out of the jar.


stand on the roting axis' center point

  1. Stand on the axis of rotation
  2. Lie below the blades near the axis of rotation so that the blades can pass above me.


First off, is my height the height of the nickel on its edge or lying flat? I guess it doesn't matter... since the bottom of the blender doesn't rotate, I'd duck down below the height of the blades and wedge myself in outside bottom corner of the blender. There should be a laminar flow zone in that vicinity where the air current would be least likely to suck me in. I'd try to wedge my fingers between the bottom gasket and the metal base plate and hang on for dear life.

Oh, and scream my fool head off for help.


Ravi Trivedi

+1 for use of the laminar flow zone.

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